PhD: An exploratory study of gay men seeking surrogacy to achieve parenthood

Are you a gay man considering surrogacy to achieve parenthood?

Would you consider taking part in research about your views and experiences?

Baby_stork_baby_delivery1Why is this research being carried out?

Very little is currently known about gay men’s experiences and perceptions of using surrogacy to become parents.  The information I get from the interviews will be used to try to improve our understanding of gay men’s needs in relation to the surrogacy process and may help to improve the support that they receive.

The research has received ethical approval.


peopleWho can take part in the research?

I would like to talk to gay men who have either:

  • used surrogacy to achieve a family;
  • are currently considering surrogacy;
  • have considered surrogacy in the past and have decided not to pursue this option

Findings from the study will be anonymous.

If you are interested in taking part please contact Wendy Norton at:  or on 0116 2013810


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